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Half Hourly Electricity in simple means a frugal way of business energy requirement in UK but since P272 regulations come in to picture half hourly meter set up is compulsory for all businesses under profile class 5 to 8. However it’s not responsibility of business owners to fix half hourly meters to their units but Ofgem ordered energy companies for doing the same. It is a special kind of electricity meter that sends usage data to every half hour to Energy Company for billing. Half hourly electricity is sometimes cheaper than standard electricity rate because energy supplier offers a tailored quote according to the requirement and the place your company is located. If you are looking for half hourly electricity then FreePriceCompare is here to help you. Kindly make a call at 0203 4757 476 or feel the inquiry form through our website We are absolutely free comparison service provider and 100% unbiased and independent so the best price is guaranteed.

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